Professional Supplier for Dust Collector PTFE Filter Bag

Professional Supplier for Dust Collector PTFE Filter Bag
No.68 Gongyuan Road, Xuebu Industrial Park, Jintan, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
FOB price:US $32/ Piece
Min. order:100 Pieces
Payment terms:L/C, T/T
Sample price:Free
Brand name:WAYON
Model number:WY-F-B
Material:100%PTFE FIBER
Product certifications:ISO9001and ISO14001 CE
Usage:These products are mainly used for dust and flue gas purification in waste incineration, iron, etc
Packaging:Carton, wooden case ,pallet
Lead time:10days


Product description´╝ÜPTFE filter bag is made of 100%PTFE without adding any other raw materials and additives, which does not change the original characteristics of PTFE. Therefore, the filter bag has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, good friction resistance, difficult combustion and good insulation.Our company adopts the international advanced double-layer interlock sealing sewing bag making structure, this kind of stitching structure does not take off the thread, the press cloth itself is not smooth, does not deform, the structure is stable, the strength is high, the service life of the filter bag is effectively extended. In addition, the increase in the amount of cloth increases the thickness. The penetration ability of dust from the suture is almost zero, which can ensure the discharge reaches the standard value, Widely used in incineration dust collection, chemical dust removal and other harsh working conditions.
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