Nucleic acid aerosol pollution removal instrument

Nucleic acid aerosol pollution removal instrument
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Nucleic acid aerosol pollution removal instrument

Clear aerosol DNA / RNA


The air purification sterilizer (nucleic acid aerosol pollution removal instrument) is specially used to remove aerosol DNA / RNA in the laboratory air, and can also sterilize the space area where the microbial limit is required, which can directly kill bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. Species of microorganisms.

Applicable places:

It is suitable for space nucleic acid aerosol pollution in general molecular biology laboratories, and places requiring regular space disinfection and sterilization such as biosafety laboratories, GMP workshops, infectious wards, schools, hospitals, food companies, and scientific research institutes.

O Impact of nucleic acid aerosol contamination:

As a scientific research and clinical testing site, use PCR is used more frequently in molecular laboratories, and samples and amplification targets often have the same situation in multiple batches. Nucleic acid aerosol contamination continues to accumulate in the experimental area, causing the increase of the risk of contamination and false positive frequency.
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