Micro Spectrophotometer

Micro Spectrophotometer
Jiangtou East Road 144 huli xiamen china
Model number:ND5000
Product certifications:CE,TUV,UL
Category:Other Electrical Instruments


Product description

Micro UV-Vis Spectrophotometer(ND5000) is a new full-wavelength spectrophotometer with high accuracy and reproducibility (wavelength range: 190-850 nm)f it can detect nucleic acid concentration, purity and salinity with only a small volume of about 2 ul. It uses full wavelength, xenon lamp source and fixed optical path. Its quality is stable and has long life. It does not need cuvette, capillary or other positioning equipment. It is easy to operate and clean.

Product Features

• Accurate light source analysis, using argon flash illumination, analysis with linear CCD array and special software.

• The sample volume is small, 0.5-2ul can quickly measure the purity and concentration of the sample.

• Wide range of applications, mainly used to detect the concentration of nucleic acids, proteins, suspension cells and other samples.

• The measurement period is short, single measurement time,4s.

Portable design, support for export of multiple file formats, convenient for experimenters to analyze data.

Application range

Sample type

Minimum detection limit

Maximum, detection limit


Nuclcleic Acids

2 ng/ul

<3000 ng/ul


2-100 ng/ul

±2 ng/ul

Pro tein A180

0.1 ng/ul



Instrument specifications
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