Bonfiglioli Reducer

Bonfiglioli Reducer
102, building 24, Liandong u Valley International Enterprise Gang, 2222 Yuqing Road, Changqing District, Jinan City, Shandong Province
FOB price:US$1 ~ 10000
Min. order:1 Set
Payment terms:TT/LC
Brand name:Voton
Packaging:As your demand
Lead time:As your demand


Bonfiglioli Reducer

Requires trouble-free operation, quality will be the highest priority

High reliability, low maintenance, compact design and reasonable price are the characteristics of the new generation of 500 series reducers, and they are the ultimate choice for mixer truck drive.

8 models and matching range are used for 1-12 cubic meters of mixing conveyor.

Torque range: 3,000…75,000Nm

Mixing conveyor specifications: 1-12m3

Speed ratio: 17---161

Main features:

1. Flange rotation output

2. High-strength design

3. High torque

4. Large carrying capacity

5. Inclined output flange, 360° adjustment range

6. Comes with water tank base

7. Optional pump power port P.T.0

8. Optional speed sensor interface

9. Supporting motor

10. Axial piston motor SAE standard, cycloid motor


Model 575L 577L 580L
Max Rated Torque Nm 50000 60000 75000
Rations 1: 101 131 130-147
Max Output Speed rpm 20 20 20
Drum Capacity *m³ 6-8 8-10 10-12
Weight kg 250 290 320
0il Quantily L 7 8.5 10
Oil Type SAVE 85w/140 with EP properties, as per API G15 standard
Water Pump PTO Optional
Pick-up Speed Sensing Optional
Hydraulic Motor Mounting Pattem To SAE standard J744C -SAE C 16/32- -21T-23T
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