Danfoss Variable Hydraulic Pump

Danfoss Variable Hydraulic Pump
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Danfoss Variable Hydraulic Pump

●T90 variable piston pump

●The optimized 9 plunger cylinder rotating assembly

●Small form factor, higher efficiency

●Small form factor, higher efficiency

●Manual control

90 series variable displacement pump can cooperate with 90 series motor or other types of hydraulic products to form a hydraulic drive system to realize fluid transmission and control.

90 series products are mainly used in closed system. The 90 series variable displacement pump is a compact, high power density hydraulic component. The design concept adopts parallel arrangement of axial plunger and slipper, and changes the plunger stroke through an inclined swash plate.

Then the displacement of the pump can be changed. The pump outlet oil direction changes with the swash plate direction, so as to realize the forward / reverse steering switch of motor output shaft.

The integrated make-up oil pump on series 90 pumps provides the system with supplementary hydraulic oil, cooling oil and pressure oil for control.

A series of auxiliary installation methods can be selected on the rear cover of the pump

In order to meet the requirements of series pump in related applications.

A variety of control modes can be selected to meet the specific control requirements of different systems (manual control, electronic control and hydraulic control).

The design concept of 90 series motor also adopts parallel arrangement of axial plunger / slipper, and the swash plate is fixed or variable.

The motor can rotate in both directions, and the circuit can be selected on the motor

The valve is flushed to realize circulating cooling, cleaning and filtering of working hydraulic oil in closed circuit.

●90 series products - the most advanced technology in today's field

●Seven displacement pumps are available

●Five kinds of constant displacement motors are available

●A variable motor is optional

●Installation mode: SAE standard flange and plug-in type

●High efficiency axial plunger design

●Proven reliability and high performance

● Compact, light weight

●Global sales and service support
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