Eaton Hydraulic Pump

Eaton Hydraulic Pump
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Eaton Hydraulic Pump

● Structural characteristics/advantages of heavy hydraulic pumps and motors:

● Pressure up to 6000 psi (420 bar)

● Speeds up to 4510 rpm

● Bearing design life up to 10,000 hours

√ Drive shaft-there are many forms to choose from as needed. There is a high-strength swash plate in the variable pump and variable motor, which can prevent deformation under large load.

√ High-strength cast iron shell-can buffer noise and withstand high shell pressure.

√ There is a large flow check valve in the pump-to minimize the system pressure drop.

√ There is a charge pump-cycloid fixed rotor pump in the main pump. There are several displacements to choose from to meet various requirements, all of which are made of cast iron.

√ Plug-in shaft seal-making it easy to maintain, the mechanical end seal design can withstand high speed and high shell pressure.

√ Advanced cylinder design-can withstand high pressure and high speed

√ Sliding shoes with fixed clearance-Models 33 to 64 can run at high speeds and reduce friction. Model 76 is a spherical guide.

√ Plugging—The mating surface with the cylinder hole is longer, so there is less leakage.

√ Hydraulic servo control-can reduce the control pressure, the operation force is small, the large diameter servo cylinder piston can keep the position of the swash plate unchanged and play a buffering role.

√ Large oil drain-reduce the back pressure of the housing as much as possible.

√ Bi-metal support disk-steel back can withstand high speed and back pressure, copper surface can improve support performance.

√ Disc valve-quenched steel can last a long life.

√ Rear disc-large channel to reduce loss. For the fixed motors of type 33 to 64, there are rear interface or opposite interface for selection.

√ There is a mounting branch at the rear-it can be used to connect the dual pump or install a through shaft.

√ Relief valve-There are pilot-operated plug-in relief valve and fast-acting direct-acting relief valve for selection.

√ Control system-there are many control methods according to application needs

To choose from.

√ Interface-SAE (American Society of Automotive Engineers) standard 61 and 62 and O-ring interface are available.

Product model: Eaton 46, 54, 64 plunger

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