Rexroth Motor

Rexroth Motor
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FOB price:US$1 ~ 10000
Min. order:1 Set
Payment terms:TT/LC
Brand name:Voton
Packaging:As your demands
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Rexroth Motor


-Fixed motor with axial tapered piaton rotary group of bent-axis design,for hydrostatic drives in open and closed circuits

-For use in mobile and stationary applications

-The output apeed is dependent on the flow of the pump and the displacement of the motor.

-The output torque increases with the pressure differential between the high-pressure and the low-

pressure side.

-Finely graduated sizes permit far-reaching adaptation to the drive case

-High power density

-Small dimensions

-High total officiency

-Good starting characteristics

-Economical design

-One-piece tapered piston with piston rings for sealing

Series 6
Size Nominal pressure /Maximum pressure
5 315/350 bar
10 to 200 400/450 bar
250 to 1000 350/400 bar
Open and closed circuits
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