60% Busan 77 in swimming pools

60% Busan 77 in swimming pools
Jinshiwan Economic Community, Building 2, No.293
FOB price:6.8-9.3/KG
Min. order:5kg
Payment terms:T/T, PayPal, moneygram
Sample price:Samples are free for a certain price,please contact the customer service.
Brand name:Purestreak
Model number:PSC80626
Dimensions per unit:1L PE Bottle and etc
Weight per unit:KG
Material:Poly quaternary ammonium salt
Color:Amber liquid
Product certifications:EPA
Warranty:Quality guaranteed, delivery on time
Packaging:OEM Package available

- 1L PE Bottle N.W.:1Kg G.W.:1.1Kg 12 Bottles per carton

- 5L PE Bottle N.W.:5Kg G.W.:5.2Kg 4 Bottles per carton

- 200L PE Drum N.W.:220Kg G.W.:230Kg 4 drums/ pallet

- 1000L PE Drum N.W.:1150Kg G.W.:1206Kg 1 drums/ pallet
Lead time:Delivery within 1 days


Broad-Spectrum Non-Foaming Biocide /Algaecide Algaecide 60 ,WSCP,Busan 77

PSC80626( EPA Registration No.88615-1)

CAS NO. 31512-74-0 / 31075-24-8

Poly[oxyethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene dichloride]60% Polixetonium Chloride


Swimming Pools,Spa,Hot Spring,Landscape Water,Aquarium;

Industrial Water System,Recirculing Cooling Towers;

Oil removal,Rust prevention,Sedimentation, Petroleum systems,Paper Industry;

Home Furnishing,Eye drops,Printing Ink;

Food&Beverage Industry Cleaning Metal working fluids ,Metal Hydride / Borohydride;

Disinfectant Features: Non-foaming, non-toxic, No chlorine odor, mild, Non-irritating, Non-corrosive Cationic polymer bactericide, Biocide and clarify water quality Effectively control and kill algae, remove harmful deposits, Prevent filter clogging Stable in hard water, stable in a wide range of PH and temperature, Widely used, high cost performance Good Stability , Long lasting Effection, Safe used.

As a cutting fluid: accelerate the crushing of metal debris, Accelerate the separation of water and oil in the cutting fluid, Effectively reduce the growth of bacteria, Extend the life cycle of the cutting fluid

Advantages as a civilian disinfectant
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