18% Compound quaternary ammonium salt concentrates disinfectant

18% Compound quaternary ammonium salt concentrates disinfectant
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Brand name:Purestreak
Model number:PSC50617
Material:Poly quaternary ammonium salt
Color:Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Product certifications:EPA
Warranty:Quality guaranteed, delivery on time
Packaging:OEM Package available

- 1L PE Bottle N.W.:1Kg G.W.:1.1Kg 12 Bottles per carton

- 5L PE Bottle N.W.:5Kg G.W.:5.2Kg 4 Bottles per carton

- 200L PE Drum N.W.:220Kg G.W.:230Kg 4 drums/ pallet

- 1000L PE Drum N.W.:1150Kg G.W.:1206Kg 1 drums/ pallet
Lead time:Delivery within 1 days


Concentrated Quaternary Ammonium Compounds Disinfectant

Application field:

Disinfectant for material surface, air, water (not drinking water) and human skin etc. Such as public facilities,vehicles,etc



•Public transport, such as planes, trains, etc

•Public environment, such as hotels, restaurants, etc

•Antimicrobial treatment in water resources, sewage treatment and horticulture

•Cleaning and disinfection of farm buildings

•Medical products: eye lotion, acne treatment, analgesic ointment

•Hand sanitizer and mouthwash supplement

•Central air conditioning and laminar flow purification facilities

•Industrial production environment, such as breeding plants, food plants

Application range:

•Suitable for disinfecting environment and surfaces (including fibers and fabrics).

•It is suitable for sanitizing hands. The disinfectant combined with alcohol can be used for surgical hands.


•Broad spectrum activity and long lasting bactericide, virucidal, fungicide, sterilization rates>99.9%.

•Nonirritating, No pungent taste, no peculiar smell.

•No teratogenic carcinogen, no allergenicity, no residue.

•High safety, no chlorine and alcohol free.

•Bactericidal effect is stable, disinfection power is not affected by the hardness and ph of the water.

•Noncorrosive to most material(Such as wood, porcelain, glass, plastic, rubber and so on).

•Good water solubility, stable and easy to handle, store and transfer.

•Easy to pack, easy to use terminal.

•The surface of the warm box is not greasy, glittering and translucent. Product efficacy

•Sterilization (multi-drug resistant bacteria), disinfection, the effective rate of 99.99%.

•Remove surface stains.
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