Honzhan HZ-ATC1325B Automatic Tool Changer Woodworking CNC Router

Honzhan HZ-ATC1325B Automatic Tool Changer Woodworking CNC Router
Manufacturer, wholesaler
Beiyuan road, Jinan city, Shandong province, China
Brand name:HONZHAN
Model number:HZ-ATC1325B
Category:Wood Router


1. Application materials:
1). Furniture: wooden doors, solid wood furniture, tables, chairs, windows.
Plate-type furniture, custom furniture, office furniture, wooden cabinet wardrobe , closet door, MDF wood doors, craft wooden door, paint free door, TV cabinet, computer table, bedside table, shoe cabinet, wooden kitchen cabinet
HZ-ATC1325B Automatic Tool Changer Woodworking CNC Router for Making Furniture Door



Platform size


Work area(X,Y,Z)


Travelling speed

60m-80m/min (MAX)

Working speed

20m/min (MAX)

Working voltage


Spindle power

ChangChuan CC 9KW Automatic tool changer spindle (24000RPM/min speed)

Tools magazine

Carousel 12 tools magazine automatic tool changer

Device architecture

De-stressing and finishing milling, one molding process,

Anti-jamming independent cabinet, high structural stability and small deformation

Driving system

Leadshine servo motor and driving system

Transmission parts

Alloy hardened Rack and pinion, TBI Ball screw transmission and Hiwin linear guide

Operating system

Taiwan Baoyuan operate system

Positioning method

High precision automatic positioning cylinder

Countertop structure

Vacuum adsorption platform
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