Honzhan HZ-R1325 4 Axis CNC Router with Rotary Device

Honzhan HZ-R1325 4 Axis CNC Router with Rotary Device
Manufacturer, wholesaler
Beiyuan road, Jinan city, Shandong province, China
Brand name:HONZHAN
Model number:HZ-R1325
Category:Wood Router


1. Performance characteristics:

1). Servo rotary axis, high speed and high efficiency

2). Adopting true four-axis four-linkage control system, our CNC machine with better performance and wider processing range.

3). Dual-purpose CNC machine for both rotary axis engraving and flat surface engraving.

4). Servo drive, fast speed, superior performance, four-axis control system and true four-axis machine.

2. Applicable industry:

Mainly for the embossed furniture industry, double-head function, round wood embossed carving process, such as dragon pillars, embossed furniture, stair railings,

Buddha statues, crafts, furniture decoration industry.

3. HZ-R1325 CNC machine with rotary device parameter:


HZ-R1325 CNC router with rotary device

Working size


Rotation maxi diameter


Spindle Power

3.2 KW water cooling spindle, optional air cooled spindle

Spindle Speed


Travel speed


Processing speed


Guide rail

20 square guide rail

Control method

Beijing RichAuto four-axis four linkage DSP controller

Drive mode

High speed stepper drive

X.Y.Z axis structure

X Y Rack pinion and linear guide, Z Ball screw and linear guide

Lathe Structure

Welding steel structure

Working voltage

AC380V, optional 220V, 110V
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