Instantel Micromate Seismograph

Instantel Micromate Seismograph
Wolsey Associates, LLC
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1 Unit
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Dec 14, 2020
With over 38 years of expertise, Instantel has set the industry standard with our vibration, air-overpressure and sound monitoring units. The Micromate is used worldwide enforcing our reputation as a global leader of tough, rugged and reliable products.

Key Features
• Fits in the palm of your hand.
• Histogram-Combo mode captures full-waveform events in parallel
to Histogram recording.
• Versatile USB Port for USB memory sticks, field printer, and modem.
• Large, easy-to-read, color touch-screen display.
• Can store over 1,000 events (4,000 with optional memory).
• Trigger multiple units within 1 sample of each other.
• Synchronizes Class 1 noise monitoring or air-overpressure and vibration
data on the same monitoring unit.
• Internal battery lasting up to 15 days.
• Uninterrupted monitoring with zero dead-time between events.