ZHICHUN (Ultra Clear Glass Plus)

ZHICHUN (Ultra Clear Glass Plus)
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Dec 24, 2020
Jan 7, 2021
ZHICHUN Ultra Clear Glass is a high-end Ultra Clear glass brand series developed by Jinjing through technological innovation, which is relying on over ten years of production experience and leading technological advantages.
ZHICHUN Ultra Clear Glass, which use more pure raw materials, more advanced technical formula, and more stringent process management, bring the stunning visual effect and high security, and it will create the supreme quality experience of ultra clear glass for clients.
Light blue edge, natural texture, highlighting the dignity and elegance.
High purity, more transparent (12% higher than normal ultra clear glass). Restore the original color and present the best visualizations.
Higher security. Lower iron content (25% lower than normal ultra clear glass), more stringent impurity purification, bring lower risk of spontaneous breakage.
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