Low-E Insulating Glass

Low-E Insulating Glass
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Dec 24, 2020
Jan 7, 2021
Based on the production of the float glass and low-e glass, Jinjing insulated glass units are available in a wide choice of glass types. We can provide all the solutions for residential windows and commercial curtain walls.
World-leading technology from PPG America,
Unique resource of professional coating experts in glass industry,
Strong technical service team for customer support,
First manufacturer in China to supply remote temperable triple silver Low-E, LSG reach 2.37,
IGU visible light transmission 83%, highest in the market,
IGU U-factor reach 1.01 W/m2.K, lowest in the market,
Excellent processability, and products can be incurve and excurvature.
The most rich product structure, Whole industry chain from float glass sheet to, Complete product solutions for customers.
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