Anti-Reflective Glass

Anti-Reflective Glass
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Dec 25, 2020
Jan 7, 2021
ZHIZHEN anti-reflective glass is produced by innovation and R&D based on its strong coating technology with vacuum magnetron sputtering process. This AR glass can dramatically reduce the reflective interference, panoramically restore the true color and natural texture of the exhibits and create a true visual experience for users.
Brand service. Jinjing has been inheriting and serving museum display industry for 15 years and integrating quality and brand.
Industry leader in performance & parameters. Light transmittance ≥ 98%,visual reflectance ≤ 1%,, color rendering index ≥ 99.5%.
Excellent processability. coating hardness≥6H, guaranteed surface quality;Can be tempered.
Advantages in sizes. max.size 12000*3300mm, meeting the requirements for jumbo size and cutting rate optimization.
Full ranges supply from ultra clear glass to ZHICHUN, and then to ZHIZHEN.
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