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Listed on Dec 1, 2022

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The EMI shielding pouches are made by conductive fabric and ordinary leather or fabric.
EMI shielding pouches can shield the electromagnetic waves and protect your personal data from being read by unauthorized devices.
Someones,for example,working in the secrecy department,security person,white collar,boss,pregnant women,children,heart disease people should select the EMI shielding pouches as their assurance for optimum protection.
There are two layers in the pouch,if you place the cell phone in the inner layer,the phone can not get through,if you place the phone in the outer layer,the phone can get through,but it can shield the electromagnetic waves and protect our body.
Also you can put the bank cards,data information cards in the pouch,it can avoide the cards demagnetized.
There are many different sizes of the pouches,like 13.5X7.5cm,15.5X10.5cm,13.5X8.5cm,31X21cm ect,also we can produce the pouches according to the size that our customers supply.
China EMI Shielding Materials Co.,Ltd
E-mail: shield0531@china-emi-shielding.com
Web site: www.china-emi-shielding.com
Contact Person: Mrs.Zhu Jing

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