Coenzyme Q10 (coq10) Powder

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Country of origin 中国
Listed on Dec 12, 2022

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Coenzyme Q10 (also known as ubidecarenone, CoQ10 and Vitamin Q) is a 1, 4-benzoquinone, playing an important role in generating energy and improving vitality.
It is a component of the electron transport chain in the mitochondria and participates in aerobic cellular respiration. It is a vitamin-like substance widely distributed in human bodies, concentrated especially in heart tissues.

Product Name: Coenzyme q10 powder
Latin Name: COENZYME Q10
Used part: Fruit body
Specification: 10% 98%
Appearance: Yellow fine powder
Test Method: HPLC
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Storage: Cool and dry place

Coenzyme Q10 plays an important role in cardiac function
Anti aging: strengthen the immune system and delay aging.
Anti fatigue acute and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS):Coenzyme Q10 cells maintain good health, making the body full of vitality, energy and brain.
Beauty:Coenzyme Q10 can penetrate the photons in redox tocopherol in the skin growth layer, start the specific phosphorylation of tyrosine kinase, prevent oxidative damage to DNA, inhibit the expression of collagenase in human dermal fibroblasts irradiated by ultraviolet light, protect the skin from damage, and have significant antioxidant and anti-aging effects.
Coenzyme q10 powder is used in medicine and beauty industry.
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