LoRa Gateway (4G+Ethernet+Lora)

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Model S281 New Version
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LoRa Gateway S281 is based on LoRa RF technology.It’s mainly used for collecting multiple environmental data distributed in different long range areas and transparent data transmission from device to cloud. With LoRa modulation technology, it’s capable of realizing multiple IO device monitoring, collecting data of temp & humi, intensity of lighting, CO2, wind direction & speed and soil condition.

LoRa communication range is up to 2KM.Built-in LoRa chip SX1278 and GSM/GPRS/3G/4G/RJ45 module work together to achieve remote monitoring and control by sending sensor, PLC, smart meter and other device data to cloud or mobile phone via SMS/2G/3G/4G/Ethernet. Huge field wiring cost will be saved

This wireless data acquisition system comprised of 2 parts, LoRa Gateway S281 and LoRa Nodes. Nodes connect senor, PLC and other devices. The collected data is sent to gateway. Mutual communication between PLC and cloud is done through wireless RF technology. Alarm threshold can be set in gateway so that alarm events can be recorded.


• Built-in ARM®Cortex ™ -M4 32-bit RISC core real-time operating system, software watchdog and hardware watchdog to prevent fake crashes

• Wide working voltage design, support 9 ~ 36VDC power supply, and anti-reverse protection design

• Modular structure design, GSM / 3G / 4G network upgrade only needs to replace the module to realize the network upgrade

• Support remote SMS to restart the device and configure device parameters

• Using local configuration software, remote SMS, APP to set parameters, easy to operate and easy to use

• Supports 10 user numbers for receiving device daily reports, dropped calls, serial port data overrun, and specific SMS alarm messages triggered abnormally

• Built-in powerful timer function, support timing automatic reporting, timing SMS daily report, timing online, timing restart and other functions

• Modbus TCP protocol and Modbus RTU protocol are compatible with transparent transmission

• Ethernet comes with a transformer isolator, 2KV electromagnetic isolation, and shell isolation protection

• Adopt time division multiplexing, multi-channel mounting, less interference, more mounting nodes, can support up to 99 temperature and humidity collection points

• It can monitor the terminal battery level in real time to ensure that the device data does not drop


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