Flat Cutting Wheel(T41)

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Flat cutting wheels are made from high quality materials, scientific formula and unique
processing technique with domestic advanced automatic cutting wheel production line. They are widely used for cutting metal or non-metal materials and removing rust. Our
products are of more stability through checks at all levels. We will always bring you more
security and efficiency either in wholesale or in workmanship.

1) Flat cutting wheels for metal:
These cutting wheels are used for cutting metal
such as steel pipe, armor plate and so on. It is
testified that this product is safe and durable. Many southeast customers like to order this one. 2) Flat cutting wheels for stainless steel:
Flat cutting wheel is suitable for stainless steel and
all kinds of acid proof steels. There is no iron, sulfur of halite etc materials in it. 3) Flat cutting wheels for stone and glass:
The precision tool is for stone treatment. It is a low-cost alternative to diamond cutting
discs. Flat cutting wheels can make maximum precision cut-outs and clean cutting edges
with almost no cavities in glazes.
Flat Cutting Wheel Features:
1) Professional cutting tool for all kinds of iron and steel, casting and non-ferrous
with high precision
2) High performance cutting wheel with high attack level and long service life for easy
working with low tool pressure
3) High performance cutting wheel with Fe/S/Cl content ≤ 0,1% for increasing protection
against corrosion for the processing of stainless steel with highest demands
4) High performance cutting wheel for processing thin-walled profiles and pipes
Standard cutting-off wheel for working on castings and steel. New quality Soft standard
cutting wheel for working on aluminium and all other non-ferrous metals
5) The wheel is suitable for cutting marble, granite and other stones, concrete etc.


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