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Guaranteed Work, Reliable Welding:

Hiring a professional welding subcontractor for projects involving miscellaneous metals and welding repair is of utmost importance due to the intricate nature of such tasks. These complex steel fabrication and custom metalwork projects demand not only a high level of precision, but also the use of cutting-edge specialty tools. The skilled experts at Evolution Welding not only bring the necessary experience and knowledge to the table, but also ensure that the project is completed efficiently and to the highest standards. Get in touch with our team today to see what our welding subcontractors can do for you!

• Flexible & Versatile Contracting
• Custom Designs & Fabrications
• Reliable & Experienced Team

Welding Subcontractors You Can Count On

Perfected Metalwork Techniques:

At Evolution Welding, our aptitude for problem-solving and ability to adapt to unforeseen challenges guarantees that any project involving metalwork will ultimately result in a successful, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing outcome. To see previous work completed by our welding subcontractors, take a look at our inspiration gallery!


Our custom metal work and steel fabrication begins with a free consult, where one of our expert team members sits down with you to understand the scope of the project, and your vision.

Design & Quote:

Next, we offer clients a projected design of their vision, so that you can get a visual of the outcome for your concept. This will be accompanied by a quote of the project cost.

Custom Welding Service:

Finally, we make it our mission to bring your design to life! At Evolution Welding, we want to ensure that your dream is just as perfect in reality!

Versatile Contracting, Flexible Services:

Clients trust in our commitment to their satisfaction, knowing that we constantly strive to exceed expectations with each project we undertake. At Evolution Welding, we blend cutting-edge technology with seasoned craftsmanship to deliver welding repair services that stand the test of time, making us a dependable ally in maintaining the integrity of your infrastructure.

• Personable & Experienced
• A Reliable Team
• Flexible & Versatile
• Modern Designs
• Handy & Hardworking
• Fair Quotes & Fast Turnaround

Questions For Evolution Welding?

Q. What does a welding subcontractor do?
If you big on welding jobs and are a welding subcontractor, this often means that you provide services independently from a company. Welding subcontractors are responsible for advertising, scheduling, and other business-related elements of running a successful welding operation.

Q. What do welding subcontractors charge per hour?
Although there is no set price due to the flexible nature of each job or project, welding subcontractors in Calgary charge somewhere between $65-$125 per hour, depending on the demand of the job and the nature of the task.

Q. Are welders able to do repairs and fabrications on site?
In some cases, a job may require a welder to come on site to do a fabrication or repair. Usually a welder or welding company has a mobile rig that can be moved from location to location, so that welding on site is possible.