PFA sub-boiling distillation system for purifying HF, HCl, HNO3


The PFA sub-boiling acid distillation system is a purification equipment used to treat acidic solutions. It is made of PFA and PTFE materials and has excellent chemical inertness and corrosion resistance, especially suitable for handling highly acidic solutions.

The working principle of the PFA sub-boiling acid distillation system is based on the principle of sub-boiling distillation. By heating the acidic solution to a sub-boiling temperature, it is partially evaporated. During this process, low-volatility impurities and ions are left in solution, while pure acidic vapors are collected and condensed. This enables the purification of acidic solutions.

The advantages and features of the PFA sub-boiling acid distillation system include:

1. High purity: Through sub-boiling distillation, the PFA sub-boiling acid distillation system can purify the solution, remove impurities and ions in the acidic solution, and provide high-purity acidic steam.

2. Corrosion resistance: PFA material has good corrosion resistance, can withstand the erosion of strong acidic solutions, and will not be dissolved or contaminated by acidic substances.

3. Temperature control: The PFA sub-boiling acid distillation system has an accurate temperature control function, which can ensure operation at an appropriate sub-boiling temperature and avoid violent boiling and loss of the solution.

4. Energy saving: Compared with traditional acid distillation methods, the PFA sub-boiling acid distillation system operates at low temperature and low energy consumption, saving energy costs.

5. Reliability: PFA material is non-toxic, odorless, and has good chemical stability. The use of PFA sub-boiling acid distillation system can ensure the safety of experimental operations and working environment.

PFA sub-boiling acid distillation systems are commonly used in the chemical industry, laboratory research and pharmaceutical fields to purify acidic solutions. This system can greatly improve the purity and quality of solutions and is suitable for use in experiments, analysis and production processes that require higher purity.

It is necessary to select the appropriate model and specifications of the PFA sub-boiling acid distillation system according to the specific acidic solution and purification requirements to ensure the purification effect and use efficiency.

Features of Binzhenghong SCH series sub-boiling distiller system/acid purification system:
1. Large capacity - the amount of acid evaporated at one time can reach 6L
2. Temperature control-PID temperature control digital display, real-time temperature display
3. Liquid level gauge - visually displays the remaining acid amount
4 distillation speeds, one distillation speed can reach 135ml/L

Subboiling acid distillation tower/acid purification system specifications:


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