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  • R-pet bag

    R-pet bag

    Description: RPET bags are reusable bags made from post – consumer recycled material and from 100% recycled material, mostly resulting from plastic... Read more
    from Vietnam
  • PP non woven bag

    PP non woven bag

    Description: PP non woven bags are an eco-friendly bags can be used for multiple use: packaging, shopping, promotion, advertising,.. and can be reusable... Read more
    from Vietnam
  • Zipper bags

    Zipper bags

    Description: Zipper bags is an inexpensive flexible rectangular storage bag, usually mainly transparent, made of polyethylene, which can be sealed and... Read more
    from Vietnam
  • Blockhead bags

    Blockhead bags

    Description: Blockhead bags are a polyethylene bag included a block at the top to seal many bags together and you can easily take each bag out of pack for... Read more
    from Vietnam
  • Wave top bags

    Wave top bags

    Description: Wave top handle bag is essentially a polyethylene bag with a handle punched out near the top with wavy shape. In some cases, the handles can... Read more
    from Vietnam
  • Drawtape bags

    Drawtape bags

    Description: Drawtape bags are the same as drawstring bags. But instead of cotton string around the top we put plastic draw tape to pull the bag... Read more
    from Vietnam
  • Drawstring bags

    Drawstring bags

    Description: Drawstring bags is a polyethylene bag using a cotton string to pull the bag closed and serve as a handle Other names: tie handle bag,... Read more
    from Vietnam
  • Hard loop bags

    Hard loop bags

    Description: hard loop bags are made of two parts that clip together to form one comfortable handle. Once clipped, the handle is then heat sealed onto the... Read more
    from Vietnam
  • Soft loop bags

    Soft loop bags

    Description: Soft loop handle bag is a polyethylene bag with reinforced gussets and dual soft loop handles, they keep precious cargo suspended safely... Read more
    from Vietnam
  • Patch handle bags

    Patch handle bags

    Description: Patch handle bag is a polyethylene bag features a clear patch of plastic heat sealed behind the die cut handles to provide additional strength... Read more
    from Vietnam
  • Die cut bags

    Die cut bags

    Description: Die cut handle bag is essentially a polyethylene bag with a handle punched out near the top and the handles are often 9-11% of bag weight.... Read more
    from Vietnam
  • Plastic bags on roll

    Plastic bags on roll

    Description: Bags on roll is a bag produced on a roll with/without paper or plastic core perforated for easy pulling every time using it. This bag can be... Read more
    from Vietnam
  • T-shirt handle bags

    T-shirt handle bags

    Description: T-shirt bag is essentially a polyethylene bag with a handle punched at the top to carry merchandise. These handles can be punched from 11-13%... Read more
    from Vietnam
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