Sand Washer

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  • Drum Type Washing Machine

    Drum Type Washing Machine

    The drum washing machine is supported by four tugs and equipped with a certain height of spiral blades. Driven by themotor, the drum rotates at a low... Read more
  • Wheel Bucket Sand Washer

    Wheel Bucket Sand Washer

    The wheel bucket type sand washing machine is a kind of washing equipment, which can clean and separate the stone powder and soil in thesand. Its novel... Read more
  • Spiral Sand Washing Machine

    Spiral Sand Washing Machine

    Spiral sand washing machine also called screw type sand washing machine is mainly composed of driving device, screw body, tankbody, lifting mechanism,... Read more
  • Dual-axis Washing Machine

    Dual-axis Washing Machine

    Dual-axis washing machline is an fficlent and heavy equipment, which can produce commercial grade materials from heavy clay raw materials and over burden.... Read more
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