Dongguan Precision Converting Transmission Co.,Limited

Office Add: Room 1009, HongYuan Building, No.73 ChangMa Road, ChangPing Town, DongGuan City, GuangDong, China
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Dongguan Precision Converting Transmission Co.,Limited
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Who we are

DongGuan Precision Converting Transmission Co.Limited,whose brand is “PRE Converting”.

The company was founded in 2002, specializing in the production, research, development, and sales of tension controllers, tension detectors, web guide controllers, ultrasonic sensor, edge web guide, air shaft, core chuck and other industrial automation products.

PRE Converting has always been committed to improving the automation of converting machineries, adhering to the long-term cooperation and development of customers, focusing on improving product quality and market acceptance, to solve problems in the field of converters and coil control for customers;

1. Web Guide System.
2. Tension Control
3. Air Shafts
4. Differential Shaft
5. Pneumatic Adaptor
6. Magnetic Powder Clutch
7. Magnetic Powder Brake
8. Air Clutch
9. Air Disc Brake
10. Safety Chuck
11. Core Chuck
12. Rollers
Year established: 2002
Business type: Manufacturer
Number of employees: 101-500
Country: China


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