Hubei Jucro Electric CO., LTD.

4th Road Xiannv, Zhijiang City, Hubei Province, China
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Hubei Jucro Electric CO., LTD.
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Who we are

Hubei Jucro Electric CO., LTD. is a private enterprise that produces and exports high voltage electrical equipment. The main products are: Vacuum Interrupter, Vacuum circuit breaker, Vacuum contactor , Current/Voltage transformer, SF6 Circuit Breaker, Isolation Switch and Switchgear. The product rated voltage range covers 660KV/1.14KV/3.6KV/7.2KV/24KV/40.5KV. The rated current of the product ranges from 125A to 4000A.
Year established: 2014
Business type: Manufacturer
Number of employees: 11-50
Country: China


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