Enesoon(Shenzhen) High-end Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

8/F, Chinese Academy of Science&Technology Development Incubator Bldg.009#, High-tech South 1st Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.
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Enesoon(Shenzhen) High-end Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd
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Who we are

Who we are?
Enesoon (Shenzhen) high-end intelligent equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in designing, manufacturing, and marketing heat pump water heater series products. Customized is available, OEM/ODM also provided.

What do we offer?
1, Heating And Cooling Unit;
2, Swimming Pool Heat Pump;
3, Domestic Heat Pump Hot Water Unit;
4, Commercial Heat Pump Hot Water Unit;
5, High Temperature Drying Intelligent Heat Pump;
6, Ultra-low Temperature Heating And Cooling Unit;
7, Commercial Ultra-low Temperature Heat Pump Hot Water Unit;
8, Hybrid Smart Energy Storage Cooling & Heating Mobile Station, etc.

Where do the products apply?
1, residence;
2, Hotels;
3, Apartments;
4, Schools;
5, Retirement Villages;
6, Factories;

What are the advantages of Enesoon Heat Pump Water Heater?
2.Remote control;
3.High safety factor;
4.Custom Designed Heat Pumps;
5.wide temperature range,-7℃-43℃;
6. Non-emission, Green and environmental protection Absorb air energy;

What the successful cases we did before?
1, Fusheng Food Company;
2, Shenbao Development Baoshen S&T Park;
3, Shandong Sunjiaji Street Clean Energy Town;
4, Jizhong Energy Mine Group General Hospital;
5, Wangbei New Village, Jimo District, Qingdao, etc.
Primary products: Heat pump,water heater,cooling unit
Year established: 2011
Business type: Manufacturer,Exporter,OEM/ODM
Number of employees: 100
Markets served: Worldwide
Company certifications: CE
Country: China


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