Hebei Waze Technology Co., Ltd

Gaocheng developing zone, Shijiazhuang city, China
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Hebei Waze Technology Co., Ltd
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Who we are

Primary products
Chlorine Dioxide, Disinfection Product
Year established
Business type
Manufacturer and research
Number of employees
Markets served
Annual revenue
5 million USD
Bikudo member since
Dec 2020
Since establish of Hebei Waze Technology Co., Ltd. We were committed to safe disinfection technology research and application of chlorine dioxide other products concerned.
Till now our products have been widely used in medical and health, food industry, environmental purification and other fields
And our main products are different size stabilized chlorine dioxide tablets, monocomponent chlorine dioxide powder, two-component chlorine dioxide powder, Gel Products, Slow/fast release sachet and Potassium Peroxymonosulfate(KMPS) and other products relating to disinfection. We also work with CLO2 generator factory to expand our supply and service to our clients.

We will keep our reserch spirit and supply the good and reliable products and service to all of our partners in China and the world.

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