Cixi Sinston Sealing Material Factory

Changhe Town, Cixi, Zhejiang, 315326, China
86-574-63392037 | Fax: 86-574-63441698
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Cixi Sinston Sealing Material Factory
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Who we are

Sinston Sealing Material Factory specialised in Mechanical seals, sealing & insulation materials, The Products are widely used in numerous domestic enterprises and national key construction projects and exported to European, American and Southeast Asian markets and so on.
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Main products as follows:

Gland packing: Expanded Graphite packing, Die-formed graphite ring, Carbon fiber packing, Aramid fiber packing, Kevlar fiber packing, White PTFE packing, Chinese GFO Packing, Vegetable fiber packing Ramie/Fax fiber packing, Cotton packing Packing Arcylic fiber packing, Glass fiber packing, Asbestos fiber packing, Injectable packing and so on..

Gasket: Spiral Wound gasket, Metal Jacketed gasket, PTFE Enveloped Gasket, Kamprofile gasket, Ring Joint gasket, Corrugated metal gasket, Serrated (grooved)gasket. Disk Sping Washer, Rubber gasket. Cutter Flat Gasket

Mechanical Seals, Oil seals, O rings, Rubber washers and other rubber products.

Gasket sheet materials: Expanded graphite sheet/roll, Non-asbestos sheet, PTFE sheet, Mica sheet, Ceramic fiber paper, Mineral Wool, Glass fiber sheet, Rubber sheet, Cork(rubber) sheet, Asbestos sheet, Asbestos-rubber sheet, Oil-resisting asbestos-rubber sheet and so on.

Packing Materials: Expanded Graphite Yarn (Reinforced by cotton, Glass fiber, Carbon fiber), Carbonized fiber yarn (impregnated with PTFE), Spun Carbonized fiber yarn reinforced with glassfiber impregnated with PTFE. Carbon fiber yarn. Kevlar fiber yarn, Spun Kevlar yarn reinforced with glass fiber impregnated with PTFE. Spun aramid yarn reinforced glass fiber impregnated with PTFE. Pure PTFE yarn (oil free or with oil). Ramie yarn impregnated with PTFE, Arcylic fiber yarn reinforced with glass fiber impregnated with PTFE.

Gasket Materials: Graphite tape for S.W gasket, Asbestos tape for S.W gasket, Universal PTFE Tape for SW.gasket. Flat Metal Tape(Thickness:02mm), V-shape Metal Tape (Thickness :02mm) For SW gasket.

Metal Sheet (Thickness:04mm) for Double Jacketed Gasket. Tanged Metal Sheet, Metal Sheet/Strip (thickness:2/4mm) for ring. Corrugated Metal Strip(Thickness:2/4mm) Oxidized Graphite

Tools & Machines: Packing tools, Injection Gun, Handy Gasket Cutter, Gasket Double Cutter.

Insulation materials: Asbestos tape, Asbestos cloth, Asbestos yarn, Ceramic fiber yarn, Ceramic fiber tape, Ceramic fiber paper, Ceramic fiber cloth, Ceramic fiber board, Ceramic fiber felt,Ceramic fiber blanket, Glass fiber yarn, glass fiber tape, glass fiber cloth, PTFE rod, PTFE sheet, PTFE yarn, Graphite yarn, graphite tape, Graphite cloth and so on.
Primary products: Spiral Wound Gasket, PTFE Packing & Carbon Fiber Packing
Year established: 1990
Business type: Manufacturer
Number of employees: 51-100
Country: China


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