Protective Fence & Ceiling

Protective Fence & Ceiling

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Cable Mesh - Excellent Solution to Safety
Our ranges of stainless steel cable mesh, whether it be knotted, ferrule type cable mesh or square cable mesh, are attractive and strong in design. Made of quality stainless steel cables, they are extremely resistant to corrosion and UV rays, thus, they
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Cable Mesh - Excellent Solution to Safety
Our ranges of stainless steel cable mesh, whether it be knotted, ferrule type cable mesh or square cable mesh, are attractive and strong in design. Made of quality stainless steel cables, they are extremely resistant to corrosion and UV rays, thus, they have a long lifespan beyond your expectation. They provide protective netting along staircases, bridges and other places with potential falling dangers, but also performs well in following aspects:

Square cable mesh around a football stadium to protect surrounding spectators.
Sport fencing
Sport fencing around an open-air stadium effectively protects spectators from being hit by fast-running football and prevents small kids and animals from stepping into the stadium, which may cause accidents and destroy the football match.Stainless steel cable mesh are mounted to a black steel frame to create a ball catcher.
Ball catcher
Our range of stainless steel cable mesh also functions well in acting as a ball catcher. Thank to high flexibility, these cable meshes are much easier to catch speeding softball without damaging it than traditional cyclone fences.Stainless steel garden fencing mounted to stone base and columns are designed to protect your prized garden plants.
Garden fencing
Stainless steel cable mesh with cable border are mounted to stone column to form a stylish garden fencing that protects your prized garden plants from biting by moles and small animals likes stray dogs, foxes and weasels.Stainless steel cable mesh small area that delineates the boundary.
Partition fencing
Stainless steel cable mesh is generally used as an outdoor perimeter fence that delineates the boundary of your properties, office, swimming pool or playground, etc. Upon request, gates for access to the property is also available.Stainless steel cable mesh ceiling with square pattern for protecting people below and ensure excellent lighting.
Stainless steel ceiling
Stainless steel cable mesh ceiling in ferrule, knotted or square patterns is generally preferred by lots of architectural designers as it prevents falling objects from hurting people below. In addition, large open areas ensure good lighting.Stainless steel cable mesh is used to cover the structural openings to the outside to create a parking lot garage fencing.
Parking garage fencing
Parking garage safety fencing, made of high quality stainless steel cable mesh, is perfect for covering large capacity structures to the outside for preventing birds from flying into as well as potential vandals to your car.Ferrule type stainless steel cable mesh is mounted to outer frame of stairwell as a guidance.
Stairwell guidance
As a guidance on stairwell, our range of stainless steel cable mesh combines strength, durability and flexibility together, thus, it is reliable enough to protect people from falling off. Meanwhile, flying birds are forbidden to affect climbing.Stainless steel cable mesh infill panels form a safety fence on rooftop to minimize fall accidents.
Rooftop safety fence
Rooftop safety fence, manufactured from modular stainless steel cable mesh infill panels, is mounted on the rooftop as a safety fencing to protect small children and youth form falling down as well as negative person from suicide.A round protective net around a ball-shaped glass lamp to protect it from damages.
Protective Netting
Whether glass lamps or prized facilities, a protective net, normally made of stainless steel cable mesh, is necessary for protecting these delicate objects from being damaged without blocking your sight to these enclosed objects.A stainless steel decoration mesh in the office for providing a fashion style.
Decorative mesh
Stainless steel cable mesh is one of the best choices for decorating your home, office and factory owing to its simple structure, high strength, long lifespan. Most of all, it adds a stylish feel and low maintenance is required.

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Protective Fence & Ceiling

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Boegger - Professional Manufacturer of Cable Mesh
Established in 1994, Boegger Industrial Limited is one of the leading companies integrating designing, manufacturing, selling quality cable mesh. Made of quality stainless steel, these cable meshes are extremely strong, durable and resistant to corrosion and rust. Most of all, they have flexible structures that enable them to absorb impact energy. Thus, they are generally used as zoo mesh, balustrades and fences to ensure the safety of people and animals.

Wide range of products
Flegal is proud to supply a comprehensive range of stainless steel cable mesh as shown below:

Ferrule type cable mesh.
Knotted cable mesh.
Square cable mesh.
Anti-theft backpack protector.
Accessories including stainless steel cables, sleeves, eye ends, suspension rope clamps and turnbuckles, etc.
Steel mesh balustrade.
Green facade.
Zoo mesh.
Aviary netting.
Helipad net.
Stainless steel safety net.
Protective fence & ceiling.
One-stop service
Not only quality products, but also superb one-stop services can be supplied by Flegal.

We have experience staff waiting on 24/7 to answer your questions. Form your initial concepts, sketches and drawings, our staff will know your ideas clearly and will give you some advice.
According to the requirements of your projects, some design suggestions will be given after detail calculations of the cable strength, mesh size, construction and structures.
Our range of stainless steel cable mesh can be manufactured precisely in a faster speed. Meanwhile, any custom sizes can be manufactured upon request.
After-sale service
A detail assembly instruction will be provided to make installation easy. Meanwhile, we have experienced craftsman to solve all your installation problems.

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