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Acore Filtration Co., Ltd

China|On Bikudo since Mar 2018
ACORE Filtration Corporation focuses on oil purification, cleaning and regeneration that will save money and also conserves oil. Our products consist of necessary oil purification, transformer dry-out along with condensing techniques, vacuum pump unit and air drying purification in addition to distillation models.

Since establishing, we have been stronger focus on the worldwide market. ACORE’s title quickly grew to become synonymous with regard to quality designed oil filtration machine which is on the leading edge of technologies, especially in the section of vacuum oil purifiers together with regeneration techniques. ACORE provides a variety of devices for numerous industries as well as applications

ACORE products are produced using good quality components and also spare parts which are procured through authentic suppliers after checking the market. Almost all our tools are highly valued by clients for their excellent performance, sturdiness and durable construction.
Primary products
Oil Purification Systems,Transformer Oil Filtration Machines
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No.2, Jianhe Road, Banan District, Chongqing, 402310, China