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Guangzhou Tengli Technology Co., Ltd

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Guangzhou Tengli Technology Co., Ltd.,which was founded in 2008, has devoted itself to the exploration and study of the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology of Human Body for years.With the assistance of universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises,it can carry out in-depth study of the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis of Human Body,thus providing continuous scientific support to the products and R&D.

Our Bodycoder,a leading human body composition analyzer which was invented by our own company,adopts the high-end segmented whole body measurement technology to measure the distribution of individual body composition objectively and reduce the dependence on empirical data of human medical measurement to a large extent.The Bodycoder series have obtained lots of national patents .Our products are widely used in Fitness Center,Beauty Slimming Center,National Physique Monitoring Agency,Sports System,school and home etc.

We have a long term cooperation with many authoritative beauty and fitness institutions at home and abroad,working with sports system in different cities.We export products to Europe, America and Middle East etc,offering excellent services to the Management of Human Healthy Life. We believe in "Smart technology improves life quality",with more advanced technology and superb service,continuously helping people to create their healthy quality life!
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