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Luoyang Xianheng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd

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Luoyang Xianheng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd
Luoyang Xianheng Industry and trade Co.,Ltd specializes in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling high precise spring machinery and springs, having More than 40 years of experience in spring equipment manufacturing, leading the development of large diameter spring making machine, owning spring industry related patent more than 10 items. We enjoy a very high reputation in the field of spring making machine manufacturing in China. The springs we make are also used in national military missiles.

Our CSM series high precision CNC coil spring machine is specially designed for military industry, aerospace, automobile, hardware and other industries. Wire feeding accurate,Flexible adjustment, Easy to operate. Relying on the heavy industry base of luoyang and the modern advanced technology, we can provide you the best efficient spring production solutions.

LYXH Category Include:
1) CNC Compression spring coiling machine
2) CNC Compression spring mold coiling machineĀ 
3) CNC Oval spring machine
4) CNC Scroll spring machine
5) Zigzag spring machine
6) Model rallroad sleeper spring forming machine
7) Decolier
8) Spring

Our customers come from all over the world, from large multinational companies to private companies.

We also produce all kinds of springs include vibration absorber spring,compression spring,extension spring, torsion spring...all types can be customized.
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Spring Coiling Machine, Spring Machines
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B11, Forth Floor, NO.1 Building, Fenghua Road, Yinkun Science and Technology Park, High-Tech Development Zone, Luoyang
+86 15703791716