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Shandong Zeko Machinery Co., Ltd

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Shandong zeko machinery co., LTD is a set of food machinery research and development, production, sales and service in one of the technical enterprises. The company is located in zhucheng, known as "dragon city of China, hometown of sainty". It is located in the southeast of shandong peninsula, north of the world kite capital weifang, east of the coastal city Qingdao, south of the emerging port city rizhao. Its geographical position is superior, traffic is convenient, reach in all directions. Our company has a number of professional and competent technical team and strict and effective management system, dedicated to the professional manufacturing of food equipment.

Shandong zeko machinery co., LTD., specializing in the production of vacuum roll kneading machine, saline injection machine, chopping and dicing machine, filling machine, meat grinder, mixing machine, enema machine, the planer meat smoked furnace, sandwich pot, anise mixer, planets frying pan, pig splitting machine, canned fruit and vegetable cleaning machine, cleaning machine, the turnover baskets of cleaning machine, meat thawing line, automatic packaging machine, pasteurized lines, conveyor, drum washing bag machine, milk sterilization machine and other food machinery, products can be customized according to customer requirements. The company has many years of professional manufacturing experience and technology, has a skilled, quality excellent team, perfect after-sales service network so that shandong jinke machinery co., ltd. won the majority of users of high praise.
Primary products
Meat Tumbler, Brine Injection Machine, Bowl Cutter, Dicing Machine & Stuffing Mixer
Year established
Business type
Number of employees
Markets served
Mizhou industrial park, zhucheng city, weifang city