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CLW Group Automobile Co.,Ltd

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CLW Group Automobile Co.,Ltd,a special truck manufacturer whose headquarter is
based in Suizhou city and appointed by the Development and Reform Committee of
China in 1998. After over 20 years’ rapid development,now it’s becoming a
worldwide famous & Chinese largest manufacturer providing different kinds of special
trucks .It ranks China top 500 Enterprise for years.
Now it has three production bases and four factories in China,there are located in
Suizhou city、Xiangyang city and Wuhan city. At present the total asset of CLW Group
is over 3 billion Chinese Yuan,it covers an area of 500 acres and its floor space
exceeds 12 million square meters. 12 companies and 38 professional factories are
together make up CLW Group. It also has 2 technical centers. There are more than
9,000 staff working for CLW Group and devoting their knowledge,skills and efforts
to it,over 500 engineers and 5,000 skilled workers included.
Not only its high quality trucks occupy a large domestic market share,but it has also
won many big projects worldwide because of its solid technology and efficient aftersale services. It has a strict flawless inspection procedure, advanced equipment,and
proven technology. In addition,the warranty for all trucks is one year,but
maintenance for all life. All customers’ problems will be solved within 48 hours.

© Cargo Truck
© Tipper Truck
© Timber Truck
© Wheel Tractor
© Milk Truck
© Food Oil Truck
© Bulk Grain Truck
© Bulk Feed Truck
© Beekeeper Truck
© Day-Old Poultry Truck
© Live Livestock Truck
© Refrigerated Truck
© Garbage Truck
© Water Tank Truck
© Sweeper Truck
© Sewage Suction Truck
© Fuel Tank Truck(Oil,NPG)
© Liquid Chemical Truck
© Crane Mounted Truck
© Heavy Duty Crane Truck
© Concrete Truck
© Bulk Powder Truck
© Road Construction Truck
© Off-road Operation Truck
© Wrecker Truck
© Fire Fighting Truck
© Emergency Vehicle
© Semi-trailer & Pressure Vessel
© New Energy Special Cart
Primary products
refrigerated truck,dump truck,water truck,suction truck,mixer truck,fire truck,garbage truck
Year established
Business type
Number of employees
Markets served
Company certifications
Annual revenue
$7.5 million
CLW Automobile Group Industry Park,Xingguang Road 1st,

Zengdu District,ZIP Code:441300,Suizhou City,Hubei Province,China.
86 19871837813