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Haoji technology (Guandong)Co.,Ltd.

China|On Bikudo since Apr 2021
Haoji Technology is a global laser manufacture which has twenty years of experience in mechanical equipment manufacturing. It has been one of the world's laser manufacturing outstanding enterprises.

We set up an Asia-Pacific assembly center in Shandong, a global marketing center in Guangdong, and a technology research and development center in Germany. Everything we achieve, change or optimize makes our results better, more precise, available more rapidly– nothing more and nothing less.

Because of adopting advanced and stable quality management system, developing new technology and efficient machine tools; quickly translating technology concepts into user-oriented technology changes Haoji products have the excellent performance.

We also have a group of talents who have solid theoretical foundation, rich working experience, excellent business management ability and international manufacturing management background.

Welcome all customers who want to contribute a force for technology and the global revolution process, and need high quality machine tools to achieve innovation and product differentiation, Haoji technology is your best partner, and bring you the best quality and service.
Primary products
laser machine,lazer cutting machine,metal fiber laser machine,sheet laser cutting machine
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No. 2, 4th Keji Road, Songshan Lake, Dongguan City, Guangdong province, China