SMT Assembly machine F10 Reflow oven

SMT Assembly machine F10 Reflow oven

Sold by Shenzhen Jaguar automation equipment Co.,ltd

1. Experienced Manufacturer

2. Mainstream Brand in China

3. Good Quality for reflow process




Heating System

1.Heating zones

Up 10 / bottom 10

2.Cooling zones

Up2/bottom 2

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Product details

Product specifications

Place of origin China
Color Silver
Warranty 1 year
HTS code 8514109000

Product description


1. Experienced Manufacturer

2. Mainstream Brand in China

3. Good Quality for reflow process




Heating System

1.Heating zones

Up 10 / bottom 10

2.Cooling zones

Up2/bottom 2

3.Heating length


4.Heating mode

whole hot air cycle

5.Cooling Mode

Fan wind cooling

Transporting System

1.Mesh width


2.max PCB Width


3.Transmission Direction

L-R or R-L

4.Transmission Net Height


5.Transmission type

Chain rail & mesh belt

6.Transmission speed


System Control

1.Power Supply

5line 3phase380V 50/60Hz

2.Set-up power


3.Normal power


4.Warm-up time

Approx. 20mins

5.Temperature range

Room temperature ~350°C

6.Temperature control method

PID +SSR Driving

7.Temperature accuracy


8. Temperature deviation on PCB


9.Abnormal alarm

Abnormal temperature (extra-high/extra-low temp.)

10.Whole System control





about 2000kg

Product Features:

1. The brand computer + Siemens PLC intelligent control system, high precision temperature control is ± 1-2 ℃ (if the computer crash accident, and can realize off-line work, do not affect production) and to ensure that the control system is stable and reliable;

2. Windows operating interface, powerful, simple operation,

3. On the cylinder body open automatic lifting machinery, ensure safe and reliable;

4. Equipped with mesh belt tensioning device, transport smoothly and no shaking, deformation, ensure smooth PCB transport; Synchronous guide transmission mechanism (and automatic SMT machine online connection), ensure that guide adjustable wide precision and high service life;

5. Automatic control lubrication system, through the set come on time and fuel charge, automatic lubrication transmission chain;

6. All heating zone all by computer PID control (upper temperature zone and lower temperature zone implementation independent temperature control, can divide temperature area alone. Can open division heating, in order to reduce starting power);

7. Net/chain transmission by computer to carry out the whole closed loop control, can meet different kinds of PCB production at the same time

8. With fault sound and light alarm function;

9. With leakage protector, ensure that the operating personnel and control system security; 10.The built-in UPS and automatic delay shutdown system to guarantee the PCB and return welder in power or overheat not damaged;

11. The German ERSA world leading microcirculation heating mode, and the upper and lower independent air microcirculation system, temperature uniformity and thermal compensation high efficiency, high efficient supercharged accelerated air duct, greatly improve the circulating hot air flow, temperature quickly (about twenty minutes), thermal compensation for high efficiency, high temperature welding and curing;

12. The upper and lower every temperature zone with independent temperature inductive sensor, real-time monitoring and compensation every temperature zone temperature balance; 13. Have password administration of the operating system, to prevent the irrelevant personnel changes to the process parameters, operation records management traceability process parameters change process, improve the management convenient. For storing user existing temperature speed setting and Settings of the temperature curve, and can be used for all data and curve printing;

14. Integrated control window, the computer switch, test curve, print curve and data transmission are easily operation, humanized design. Equipped with three-channel temperature curve online testing system, may at any time to check welding objects by the actual temperature curve (without the other match temperature curve tester);

15. From international technology quick cooling system, use a magnifying glass type efficient rapid cooling, cooling speed can reach 3.5 ~ 6 ℃ / SEC, management is very convenient; The outer forced cooling device, ensure that spot crystal effect (Option selected items, the standard configuration for forced natural air cooling);

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SMT Assembly machine F10 Reflow oven

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shenzhen Jaguar Automation Equipment Co., Ltd (referred to as "Jaguar") is a High-speed developing enterprise of High Precision Automatic lead-free Equipment such as reflow oven and wave soldering machine manufacturer, which specializes in lead free machine research and development.

As one of the well-known lead-free electronics equipment manufacturers in China, JAGUAR founded in 2009 and headquartered in Shenzhen.

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6.we are committed to provide the best solution to our clients.

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