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  • SS-E Sun Sensor

    TY-SPACE new sun sensor: SS-E Sun Sensor are digital Sun Sensor with high accuracy and with 2 axes sun vector angle output, and 0.1° accuracy.

  • NST10-G1 Star Tracker

    NST10-G1 is a fully autonomous nano star tracker for high precision attitude determination. With high dynamic performance: 10°/s, NST10-G1 is designed for...

  • PST4S-H1 Star Tracker

    Micro miniature Size;Low power consumption: 0.8W;Exclusive Angle (35°),customizable;SOC (system on a chip);Radiation resistant design; 7 years life time.

  • HST-A1 Star Tracker

    Capable of sensitivity 10Mv, TY-SPACE High Accuracy Star Tracker (HST-A1) deliver the best performance by ultra-high-precision attitude determination,...