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MLT-01 vacuum decay leak tester is based on ASTM F2338 and is high resolution micro leak tester used for pharmaceutical industry.


MLT-01 is a vacuum decay method leak tester that can evaluate an overall performance of a sealed package form. It’s a non-destructive testing method that measures the pressure change between sample it's sourrounding environment(sample chamber).

Test Principle:

It follows ASTM F2338 and can be used to identify gross and micron leaks in packaging for food, pharmaceutical and medical devices, etc. Configuration of test range varies based on sample type and leak rate.

Technical Features:

• Vacuum upto 1pa and resolution 1μm~3μm
• Free setting of vacuum time, balance time and test time.
• Fulfill USP requirement
• Industrial level stability in control and display

Key Parameters:

Test Range: To 1pa(depending on user pump)
Sensitivity: 1~3μm
Chamber size: made upon demand
Vacuum pump: Prepared by user
Control: PLC and HMI touch screen
Output: Screen, RS 232(optional)
Power: 110~220V


1. It’s sensitive enough to detect very small leaks
2. Determines a leak rate
3. Simple and highly effective way
4. Its major steps in testing involves are, Fill, Settle and Test.


Chamber size and shape, sensitivity