Gradient Heat Seal Tester GHS-02

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Gradient Heat Seal Tester GHS-02 is an efficient lab use heat seal tester. Through simultaneous measurement of flexible packaging materials in a certain heat sealing time, heat sealing pressure and five sets of heat sealing temperatures, the best heat sealing parameters such as heat sealing time, pressure and temperature are determined in the shortest test time.

Test Principle:

Place the sample to be tested between the upper and lower heat sealing jaws, and complete the heat sealing under certain pressure, time and temperature environment according to the test requirements.

Technical Characteristics:

1. PLC control system has industrial stability and it is equipped with HMI human-machine interface touch screen.
2. A single test can efficiently obtain five groups of different heat sealing parameters, saving operation time.
3. Digital P.I.D. temperature controller used.
3. Hot head is heated evenly to prevent leakage and uneven heating of the sample.
4. Manual and pedal test start-up modes and anti-scald safety design
5. Independent temperature control of the upper and lower thermal headers
6. Non-standard hot heads can be customized.
7. RS232 interface and professional software (optional)


Temp. Range: Ambient ~ 250 ℃
Temp. Accuracy: ± 0.2 ℃
Temp Gradient: ≤ 20 ℃
Heat Sealing Time: 0.1s ~ 999H
Heat Sealing Pressure: 0.15 MPa ~ 0.7 MPa
Seal Jaws: 40mm × 10mm (hot cover) (customizable) double heating of upper and lower heads
Air Pressure: 0.7 MPa (user-provided)
Air Input: Ф 6mm polyurethane tube
Dimensions: 450mm (L) ×320mm (W) ×400mm (H)
Power Supply: AC 220V 50Hz


ASTM F2029, QB/T 2358, YBB 00122003