Bubble Wrap Zipper Mailer Making Machine

Bubble Wrap Mailer Machinery
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Main characteristic

1. this machine adopts advanced touch display, advanced electric PLC program, servo-driven, automatic correction control program.the whole inverter control.

2.this machine has an automatic discharge, fold the bottom, hot knife heat, automatic pull-top features.

3.the machine has automatic counting, automatic shutdown off material, electric eye tracking any length, failure alarm, discharge using optical correction, magnetic tension control.

4.making machine automatic slider, increase production speed, saving labor, raise high production efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Model: ZT-A700
Production Speed: 40-80PCS/min
Bag-making width: 300-1000mm
Bag-making Length: 50-700mm
Thickness: 0.03-0.2mm
The speed of slider mounting: 40-80pcs/min
Power Supply: 220V-380V
Total Power: 7.5KW
Overall Dimension(L*W*H): 7500*1250*1950