Air Bubble Film Perforation Bag Making Machine

Bubble Wrap Bag Making Machine
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When you tear the perforated line on the bubble film roller, it will be a air bubble bag.


There are countless little bubbles in a bubble packaging bag, which gives it its light-weight nature and bouncy appearance with sound-insulation, scratch-proof and shock-proof abilities. Bubble packaging bag plays an important role in commodity transporting. Had there been no bubble bags in this world, mailing certain commodities would be a real headache. Let's take electronics, or cosmetics, or handcrafted aircrafts as an example, they are all very fragile to impact, which is unavoidable in bumpy roads and halfway vehicle exchanging.


The bubble bag making machine is controlled by a micro-computer, enabling frequency control of motor speed and stepper dragging. This machine can be customized to a servo control system.

Technical Parameters

Suitable Material: Air Bubble Film
Maximum Speed (meter/minute): 20-50 bags / minute (it depend on the bag size
Tube Sealing: 1600mm
Maximum Width: 1600mm
Tube opening side: Max. 1000mm
Power Supply: 380 V, 50 Hz / 3 Phase
Total Power: 30kw
Heating Power: 20kw
Consumption Power: 12kw
Weight: 5000kg
Length Error Valve: '+ - 0.5mm