Thick Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Product group Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
Brand FHBS Laser
Model TDE Series
Country of origin China
Listed on Dec 24, 2022

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  • Yanghe, Gaoming, Foshan, Guangdong, China
  • +86 18824841072
  • Manufacturer
  • Established 2004
  • 240 employees


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The TDE series laser cutters are the comprehensive solution for cutting large-format thick metal materials. Regardless of the type of sheet metal you need to process, our TDE laser systems are engineered for 24/7 operation and let you work fast and reliably. However, we don’t just focus on cutting times: we also strive to optimize upstream and downstream laser cutting processes.

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Take an in-depth look at the TDE series laser cutting machine.

• Multi size working area for options
• Up to 5512IPM (140m/min) cutting speeds
• Available in 3-30KW configurations
• Up to 3.94’‘ (100mm) cutting thickness


Laser cutters can cut all types of metals, from mild steel to stainless and also non-ferrous metals. The thickness of the metal can be anywhere up to 25 mm.


Machine Enhancements Designed to Increase Productivity

Exchange Modes
It can control the movement of one platform or two platforms at the same time. Makes it easier to clean up waste.

FSCUT Control System
Rich cutting process database & Simple operation.We will set all the parameters before delivery, and you can use it when you get it.

Aerospace Aluminum Beam
Adopting ultra-high pressure one-piece mold drawing process, it is faster, stronger and lighter, which ensures the accuracy of cutting.

High Performance Servo Motors
Equipped with software analysis, it can perform high-speed displacement and high-precision motion control.


Power Range: 3000W-30000W
Work Area: 10' × 5' (3050mm × 1524mm)13' × 5' (4050mm × 1524mm)19.85' × 5' (6050mm × 1524mm)19.85' × 6.56' (6050mm × 2000mm)19.85' × 8.20' (6050mm × 2500mm)26.41' × 8.20' (8050mm × 2500mm) 39.53' × 8.20' (12050mm × 2500mm) 42.81' × 8.20' (13050mm × 2500mm)
X/Y Axis Positioning Accuracy: ±0.03mm/m
X/Y Axis Repeat Positioning Accuracy: ±0.02mm
Max Moving Speed: 100m/min
Max. Acc. Speed: 0.8G

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