PVC Mining Ventilation Ducting Fabric

Product group PVC Ventilation Duct Fabric
Country of origin China
Listed on Dec 25, 2022

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  • No.111, Xianxia Road, Jianshan, Haining, Zhejiang, China
  • +86 13586382332
  • Manufacturer
  • Established 2015


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Zhejiang Gaia Textile Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Gaia New Material Co., Ltd. is professional China PVC Ventilation Duct Fabric Manufacturers and Wholesale PVC Ventilation Ducting Fabric factory, offer kinds of PVC material for sale online. The products are main including architectural membrane series, ventilation duct material series, tarpaulin material series, inflatable material series and all kinds finished products. We have the variety is complete, the price is reasonable, the company is strong, credit-worthy, contract-abiding, product quality assurance, and the principle of multi-variety management and small profits but quick turnover have won the trust of customers. Looking forward to your call!

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