Roof Mount - PVcase Roof Mount is AutoCAD-based solar design software with automation, a high level of precision, and intelligent algorithms

Available from PVcaseLithuania


AutoCAD-based tool with a high level of precision.

Improve efficiency, accuracy, and quality of the PV design on commercial & industrial rooftops.

Reduce the amount of time on repetitive work when working on PV design.

Layout generation, counting shading, and electrical design helps to limit the risk of error.

Real-life measurements and solution algorithms assure that the PVcase Roof Mount approach is the closest to a real-life and precise design.

Semi-Automated Solution
High Intelligence Algorithms assure the best possible result using the provided data.

Export your designs
Layout and electrical design can be exported, and then shared with colleagues and used in PVsyst.

Intelligent Algorithms
Intelligent Algorithms provide real-life design layout and electrical calculations, so there is no need to review and recalculate whether mistakes have been made.


Rapid 3D Building Preparation
Quickly prepare a building with its obstacles and offset zones on the roof for module placement.

Layout Generation
• Flat East-West
• Flat South
• Flush – Mounted for Tilt Roof
• Iterated Layout Information and design comparison

Provide the required settings information and automatically place modules on a flat or sloped roof.

After generating a couple of tries, you can compare them and decide which one is the most suitable for your needs (due to the capacity, modules count, layout type, etc.) to work on further.

Shading Calculation
Helps determine which modules are overshaded and should be removed and which ones should be left in the layout.

Electrical Design
• Inverter Placement
• Automated, Semi-Automated, Manual Stringing
• Automated, Semi-Automated, Manual Cabling (including cable trays, cable roots, and cable length)

Algorithms and math-based solutions for stringing and cabling automation seek to place electrical design most efficiently and provide the user the possibility to influence the system. The software also guides you while stringing or cabling manually.

Bill of Materials (BOM) and Export to PVsyst
Export bill of materials for your project cost estimation as well as PVsyst export for yield analysis.