Indoor Cargo Climbing Nets | HD Series

Available from Jammar Mfg Co. IncUnited States


• Quality 3/4″ diameter 3-strand twisted non-stretch yellow polypropylene rope
• Constructed using a 3 pass weave design and spliced border
• Extremely flexible and rugged; easy to grip
• Top of each net features large 4″ ID spliced eye-loops for attachment
• Available in 9″ & 12″ mesh openings
• Recommended for indoor use only

The HD Series Indoor Cargo Climbing Nets are the highest quality heavy-duty nets available in the industry. All HD nets are handcrafted entirely of quality 3-strand 3/4″ non-stretch yellow polypropylene rope. All HD nets are constructed using a 3-pass weave design and spliced border. The HD12 and HD9 net squares measure at approximately 12″ and 9″ square relaxed, and are extremely flexible and rugged. All 3/4″ diameter rope construction makes gripping very easy. All HD nets are supplied with 4″ inner diameter eye-loops for easy installation. Net should be attached to smooth ceiling hardware or framework, such as a round support pipe. Jammar offers various HD net attachment kits to tailor to any facility. Contact Jammar for additional information.

All HD Series nets have a 12″ and 9″ square design and are intended to provide and improve climbing ability, combining many strength, movement, and coordination skills. The unique 12″ and 9″ square design allows an additional activity of climbing through the net during certain activities. The HD net is offered in various heights and widths, as well as custom sizes. All HD nets are lightweight and can be easily raised to the wall or ceiling for easy storage and elimination of unauthorized use with optional net hoists. All HD nets are supplied with detailed installation instructions, care, and use documentation. Mats, spotters, and supervision are always required with any climbing equipment. HD cargo climbing nets are for indoor use applications only.

Weight: N/A
Dimensions: N/A
Net Size: 10' W x 10' H, 12' W x 12' H, 12' W x 14' H, 12' W x 18' H
Nets Mesh Size: 12in, 9in