Cryogenic Tube
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ltem No: FA001
Description: 0.5ml cryogenic tubes
Each Case Packing: 1000 pcs/bag ×10bags
QTY: 10000

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1. Uniform, transparent tube wall, with erectable skirt
2. The tube has precise scale and writable blank label to facilitate the record of experimental process
3. Tighten the screw top to prevent liquid leakage, O-ring uses silicone material to ensure the orifice airtightness to effectvely Prevent the invasion of liquid nitrogen
4. Temperature resistance range: -196℃~121℃
5. The maximum liquid storage is 80% of the maximum scale
6. The sterlization consists of two categories: 1.Ethylene oxide disinfection,2.R-ray disinfection. The latter has no DNA polltion,no endotoxin.