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This is the machine where used for cleaning process, consists of air duct and serial sieve systems. This sieve system which ordered as a certain angle was supported with vibro-motors and it offers the vibration regulation choice in according to capacity. The product flows and cleaning sensitivity can be easily observed by the sight glass which was placed on it. The air duct system operates the seperating process by floating the products into the air by mean of the laminar flow of it. This systems seperates the pieces of virgo, stone, soil, metals, plastic parts, fine oats, weed seeds from the product. With the helping of the air duct in second stage of cleaning process, foreign materials which have different specific gravity values are seperated from the desired product. (Light-weight seeds, straw) This system can be used for the cleaning process of different kind of product by changing the sieve sizes and terminal velocity (Rice, sunflower, lentil etc.)