0.55m Ku Band Manual Flyaway Antenna


The Probecom 0.55 Meter Carbon Fiber Flyaway Antenna is highly portable, compact, light-weight, and can be assembled by one person in less than 3 minutes.


• Sudden public events and all kinds of disasters on-site information gathering Disaster relief.
• Public security, military, government, oil, water conservancy, electricity, finance and other important sectors of the country
• The remote areas and the vast rural areas out of coverage.
• Field operations, exploration, military police and news media.

Highlight Features:

• Carbon fiber antenna reflector with light weight, high precision and high efficiency, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, it ensured the antenna in the normal operation under harsh environment in greatest degree.
• Compact structure, Lightweight, portable, rapid deployment, high performance, a person can install within 3 minutes, available in airline baggage.
• The latest design of the Ku-band satellite antenna, being compact and robust, cost-effective can be used in the fast and reliable satellite communications.
• Designed specifically for field use, regardless of when and where, it can quickly transfer high-quality broadband content.


• Single Offset Antenna
• Azimuth & elevation turntable
• Portable case
• Compass& leveling


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