Series Q Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing Internal Gear

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Slewing ring is also called "slewing ring" because its shape is similar to a plate. Its diameter is usually 0.2 ~ 5m. It is a large bearing that can bear axial and radial loads and overturning moments. The slewing bearing is composed of installation hole, inner gear ring or outer gear ring, isolation block, cage, lubricating oil hole and sealing device, so it can make the design structure of the host compact, simple guidance and easy maintenance.

Characteristic of structure, performance and application:

The single row four point contact ball slewing bearing is composed of two seat rings, which design in compact structure and light weight, steel ball contact with the circular raceway at four point, it can bear the axial force, radial force and the tilting moment at the same time.

It can be used for slewing conveyer, welding manipulator, light & medium duty crane, excavator, and other construction machinery.

Our advantage:

1. Fast: Be good at adapting, simple organization, high working efficiency, be creative and accept all kinds of customization.

2. Flexible: streamlined personnel, short communication path, and problems can be solved quickly, perfect after -sales services.

3. Efficient: employees have higher comprehensive ability, high work efficiency, high output, good quanlity and short product delivery time.

Why choose Helin:

1. Helin slewing bearing is located in Xuzhou, a very famous Construction Machinery Base, and has its own stable, technically sound design, development, and manufacturing team.

2. The physical factory has a strong R&D team, and production equipment is advanced, production equipment is continuously increased and updated, and there are molding batch production lines with clear division of labor and high production efficiency. (Standard models with raw material in stock, delivery time within 7 days.)

3. The slewing bearing is exported to more than 30 countries, which obtain high praise and recognition from customers all over the world.And our engineer can come to your country to do measurements.


1. n1 is the nos of lubricating holes.Oil cup M10×1JB/T7940.1~JB/T7940.2.The Oil nipple's location can be change according to the user's application.

2. n-φcan change to tapped hole, the diameter of tapped hole is M, depth is 2M.

3. The tangential tooth force in the form is the max tooth force, the nominal tangential tooth force is 1/2 of the max one.

4. "K" is addendum reduction coefficient.

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