Multifunctional Pest Repeller AN-B019

Indoor Pest Repeller
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Product Features:

Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller has four work patterns for your choice according to different using environment

Mode one with Red LED (LED 1): Electromagnetic waves

Mode two with Yellow LED (LED 2): Anion

Mode three with Green LED (LED 3): Ultrasonic

Mode four with three LED indicator lights: Electromagnetic waves + Anion+ Ultrasonic

Application: Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Attic, Storeroom, Hotel...

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Product Description:

Aosion Multifunctional pest repeller:

• 100% ECO-Friendly
• No harm to human or pets
• Completely silent
• China Design Patent: ZL 2011 3 0006604.4

1. Taking the most advanced pest control technology, not only repel various of pests but also can make the multifunctional pest repeller as an air purifier, it will control mouse, rat, mice, cockroach, spider, bedbug, mosquito, housefly etc.

2. Electromagnetic waves + Anion + Ultrasonic, the pest repellent device give you a healthy and comfortable environment.

3. Advanced MICOM control switch control all the functions.

4. Super night light, sing soft lighting, creating a comfortable environment.

5. Enhanced electromagnetic waves reach deeper even into walls, cracks, and crevicesthroughout your home or office to repel even the impossible to reach pests, make the effective range more widely.

6. Creates a stream of beneficial anions to disinfecting, clean the air, bring you a healthy life.

7. Triple super strong function emitter emits ultrasonic waves in all directions, solve the problem of rectilinear propagation of ultrasonic, cover all your room.

8. The best of all you can choose all the functions combination working together, get the perfect performance.

One of the best mosquito repellent in the market. Unlike most ultra sonic pest repeller or ultrasonic pest repeller. Also works as tick repellent, spider repellent, mouse repellent, mouse repeller, insect repellent, ants repellent, bee repellent, wasp repellent, natural bug repellent, mice repellent. 100% physical deterent without any harmful chemical drugs, suitable for families who do not want ot use fly spray, spider spray, tick spray, natural ant repellent, indoor mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent spray, etc...

Product packing information:

• Model Size(Max.): 13X7.7X8.0CM
• Color Box Size: 14.5X9X8.2CM
• N.W: 5KGS
• G.W: 5.6KGS
• CTN SIZE: 36X32X30.5CM
• 20FT': 18,816PCS
• 40HQ: 45,696PCS